Musa Betsu Kyu Judo club

Greater Moncton Judo (official JudoNB affiliate)


Musa Betsu Kyu Judo club is a long-time Judo NB official club, as well as a member of the Greater Moncton Youth Sports alliance and active member of the community, participating in annual events, demonstrations and competitions.

We are constantly growing and now offer three evenings worth of classes for both adults (16 and up) and children (4-15), in two locations (Moncton and Dieppe) meeting on a weekly basis.


To ask questions publicly or reach us via Social Media, check out our Facebook Group:

To ask Sensei a question privately, for News Media inquiries or other club-specific issues contact us via the “About” club info page:

Class dues are $60/month for the Adults and $40/month for children and students, with a family maximum of $120.00.

An annual registration to Judo NB is also required. Cost for the 2017 / 18 season is $50.00 for student ranks and $75.00 for black belts.
Payments can be made at the club. Cash and cheques are accepted.Alternatively, you can send an Interac E-Transfer  via Email to:

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To check if you qualify for Membership Assistance, please contact us and we may waive some or all of your dues for an agreed period.


The club is also accepting offers for sponsorship of our athletes to help them towards their competitions and help offset their associated training and travel costs.

Your sponsorship can be done as an anonymous donation, or, could include a request for advertisements of your company, brand, product or cause. The ads can be featured within the training facilities prominently during classes, at any special events like tournaments or seminars that we participate in, or on our website (depending on the level of sponsorship). Contact us below to setup a sponsorship or find out how you can donate to the club to help us keep running:




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